& Sustainability

AACo is committed to innovative environmental management which protects the resources on which our production systems are based.
Our environment and sustainability initiatives are driven by a dedicated and skilled Rangelands team who are committed to best practice and support our people to deliver on environmental compliance.

Our Approach

Our environment and sustainability initiatives are focused on respecting the natural resource systems we rely on.

Key areas of focus include:

Natural resource inventory

Information about our natural resource assets – including soils, vegetation, and water systems is used to make informed decisions for managing our natural resources sustainably and to address environmental risks.


Grazing land

Our pastures are managed to maintain land condition and productive capacity by annually assessing and matching stocking rate to long term carrying capacity and seasonal conditions.


Water resources

Improved understanding of the ground water aquifers is being achieved through comprehensive water quality monitoring across all properties.

Biodiversity conservation

Areas of high biodiversity conservation value are recognised and managed through property plans.


Property development planning

Development planning is conducted with consideration of the capacity of natural resources, government compliance and investigation of the application of alternative practice and technological advances.


Pest management

Implementation of property weed management plans has focused on strategic and integrated management of weeds of national significance, which threaten our natural ecosystems.

Climate change

We are committed to improving efficiency in energy usage across our operations and play an active role in aiding industry to address enteric greenhouse gases.


Community relations

Staff participate in local and regional organisations and committees and collaborate with government agencies, research organisations and other industry bodies that address natural resource management issues and promote sustainable agriculture.