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Established in 1824 with the assistance of a British Parliament Crown Grant of 1 million acres of land, we are Australia’s oldest continuously operating company.

Today we are the proud custodians of around 6.5 million hectares of land in Queensland and the Northern Territory and are one of Australia’s largest integrated cattle and beef producers.

We operate an integrated cattle production system across 19 owned cattle stations, 3 leased stations, 2 owned feedlots, 2 owned farms and 1 leased farm, located throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. From these operations in Australia we export our premium branded beef around the world with tailored route-to-market models for each country.

Our Australian hard-working attitude combined with years of experience cultivating cattle on our pristine pastoral assets is unique to our country and our company; we take great pride in that.

It is the renowned relationship between our people, livestock, land and communities that has lasted generations and positions us internationally as the finest Australian Wagyu beef producer.

We capture the magic of Australia and craft this into remarkable dining experiences for people around the world to enjoy.

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