AACo’s Premium Beef Products

With a grant for a million acres, and a charter from England, the Australian Agricultural Company began in 1824 with a charge to cultivate and improve the vast lands of Australia.

Today, AACo is known around the world for its family of beef brands, its care of over 7 million hectares of prime Australian pasture, and its passion and commitment for beef production.

At AACo, our vision is to be trusted globally as producers of the finest quality Australian beef.


Depth. Complexity. Mastery.

The best steak you’ll ever eat – Wylarah is the perfect balance of marbling and lean. The combination of vast pasture, human care and nutrition. A world-class steak produced from two decades of careful breeding and two centuries of raising and finishing cattle in Australia.



True Westholme

Westholme Wagyu is raised on pristine tracts of Mitchell grass and grain-finished on proprietary blends. Rich marbling – throughout the cut – delivers a signature tenderness and a juicy steak that offers a timeless experience, every time. That’s true Westholme.



A Heritage of Excellence

1824, named in recognition of the year AACo was founded, honours the pride and expertise of  the Australian producers who raise our beef. Great beef starts with great cattle. 1824 is derived from breeds like Charolais, Senepol, and Santa Gertrudis that thrive on the vast  expanses of native pasture Australia is known for before finishing on proprietary grain blends.  Throughout the process from station to plate, AACo’s producers ensure 1824 beef meets consistently high standards and honours the tradition of excellent flavour AACo has been building since 1824.

Brunette Downs

Brunette Downs Grassfed Beef

The Purity of Pasture

Brunette Downs is grassfed beef sourced from cattle raised in a pure and pristine Australian environment. No hormones. No antibiotics. Just pure, grassfed goodness with an unparalleled consistency of quality and flavour that meets the highest standards of food safety, traceability and quality assurance.



Pure Australian Beef

AACo has owned some of the most pristine cattle properties in Australia, stations that have inspired the fine family of beef brands that serve as the ultimate expression of our passionate pursuit of the art of Australian beef. Now, the tradition continues with Welltree. Welltree meets the highest standards of quality and delivers the flavour that has made Australian beef famous throughout the world.

Australian Sales

Australian Wholesale Meats are the exclusive domestic distributors for AACo beef products.

Please contact AWM on 02 9725 2001 or email [email protected] to purchase AACo beef.

You can also visit the AWM website: awmgroup.com.au/

Export Sales

For all export inquiries, please contact AACo directly on
+61 7 3368 4400 or email [email protected].