With a grant for a million acres, and a charter from England, the Australian Agricultural Company began in 1824 with a charge to cultivate and improve the vast rangelands of northern Australia.

Today, AACo is known around the world for its portfolio of wagyu brands, its care of over 6.5 million hectares of prime Australian pasture, and its passion and commitment for wagyu beef production.

At AACo, our vision is to be trusted globally as producers of the finest quality Australian wagyu beef.

Depth. Complexity. Mastery.

Wylarah is the perfect balance of marbling and lean. It is a finely tuned expression, the precision of time-honoured skills and an artisan’s touch. It is a dance between intelligence and emotion, exacting standards and the avante-garde refinement of a bespoke product.

Wylarah delights the palate with a sense of pure luxury that is creamy and perfectly buttery. It is a decadent experience of silky, finely textured slices specially curated to deliver an exquisite moment.


Westholme wagyu is exceptional. We have been at the forefront of wagyu breeding in Australia and continue to build on our extraordinary heritage to craft our distinctive Australian wagyu.

The entire Westholme range is identified by its roasted and caramelised
aromas, tender melt-in-the-mouth juiciness and elegant, complex flavour with buttery notes balanced by sweet and tart elements.

Pure Australian Wagyu

The signature rich marbling, balanced flavour and consistent tenderness of Darling Downs provides a culinary experience for gourmet home cooks who are passionate about food.

From the fine grain to the big, meaty taste, flavour and tenderness is only the beginning of the Darling Downs experience. Every bite of our quality Australian Wagyu tells the story of our land, our farmers and our passion for raising the best. The famous Darling Downs flavour comes from a specialised diet, provided to our cattle for at least 330 days, helping take the taste and tenderness of our eating experience up a notch.

Australian Sales

Australian Wholesale Meats are the exclusive domestic distributors for AACo’s portfolio of brands.
Please contact AWM on 02 8738 1700 or email [email protected] to purchase AACo wagyu beef.
You can also visit the AWM website: awmgroup.com.au

Export Sales

For all export inquiries, please contact AACo directly on
+61 7 3368 4400 or email [email protected].