Greg Gibbons

General Manager South East Queensland, Wagyu & Feedlots

Greg Gibbons joined AACo in December 2002, when AACo purchased Aronui Feedlot. In 2005 he was appointed Group Manager, Breeding Operations and in 2009 was appointed to his current role of General Manager South East Queensland, Wagyu and Feedlots.

Prior to joining AACo, Greg worked at and managed Aronui Feedlot for 15 years and has a wealth of experience in feedlotting and Wagyu breeding, performance and evaluation.

Greg has been a Councillor for three years with ALFA.

Michael Johnson

Regional Manager Barkly

Michael Johnson was appointed Regional Manager of the Barkly Group in 2014 and currently manages Brunette Downs station.

Michael joined AACo in February 2010 as Manager of Avon and Austral Downs.

Prior to this Michael worked for Stanbroke Pastoral Company where he gained extensive experience in the Australian cattle industry, progressing his career from stockman into management roles across a number of enterprises throughout Northern Australia.

Michael is passionate about northern beef production systems and the development of people within it. He is active in the local community donating time to various community organisations and events.

Michael is an executive of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association and also chair of the Barkly Regional Advisory Council.

Ray Thieme

Regional Manager North Queensland & Victoria River Group

Ray Thieme was appointed Regional Manager of North Queensland and the Victoria River Group in February 2014 and currently manages Dalgonally Station.

Ray joined AACo in December 2010 as Manager of Meteor Downs.

Prior to joining AACo, Ray gained extensive pastoral experience in northern Australia in farming, feedlots and stud cattle.

Ray sits on local Natural Resource Management Committees and many local community organisations and groups.