Michael Johnson

Head of Pastoral Operations

Michael Johnson was appointed Head of Pastoral Operations in March 2021 and currently manages the Barkly Group and Brunette Downs station.

Michael joined AACo in February 2010 as Manager of Avon and Austral Downs.

Prior to this Michael worked for Stanbroke Pastoral Company where he gained extensive experience in the Australian cattle industry, progressing his career from stockman into management roles across a number of enterprises throughout Northern Australia.

Michael is passionate about northern beef production systems and the development of people within it. He is active in the local community donating time to various community organisations and events.

Michael is an executive of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association and also chair of the Barkly Regional Advisory Council.

Grant Keane

 Regional Manager Victoria River Group

Grant Keane was appointed regional manager of the VRG group in 2019 and currently manages Camfield Station

Grant first joined AACo in 2005 as a stockman fresh out of school at Canobie Station. Grant transferred through various AACo properties across the Gulf and Barkly regions including Canobie (and Wondoola), Brunette Downs and Avon Down before moving across to the VRG region to Camfield Station as manager in 2017.

Grant is passionate about the Northern Beef Industry especially the research and implementation of exciting new technologies and practices and the development, training and career progression opportunities for people throughout the industry.

Matias Suarez

Regional Manager Breeding & Genetics

Matias was appointed to the newly created role of Regional Manager, Breeding & Genetics in October 2019, to manage the various breeding programs across the company.

Matias has vast experience in working with beef breeding programs across the world. Born and raised in Argentina, Matias has worked as a cattle veterinarian and farm manager for five years prior to making the move to Australia in 2002. Migrating to Australia allowed Matias to further his studies in genetics and to gain further experience in different aspects of genetic improvement including genetic and genomic evaluation, business development, research and development and project management.

Prior to joining AACo, Matias worked for the University of New England, Pfizer and the NSW Department of Primary Industries developing solutions for beef producers across different breeds and countries. He holds Masters degrees in Science – Quantitative Genetics and Agriculture – Animal/Livestock Husbandry and Production.

Matias is passionate about working in a vertically integrated supply chain such as AACO, incorporating new practices and technologies while creating the best beef in the world.

Clint Wockner

Regional Manager Northern QLD

Clint Wockner currently manages Dalgonally Station. He was appointed Regional Manager of the North Qld Region in March 2019. He lives there with wife Wendy, and has three sons, Charlie, Darcy and Cody. Clint hails from farming country on the Darling Downs, and was drawn to the North following a two year period at Emerald Ag College. Following this, he began his career in the Northern Australian Beef industry with AACO- progressing from ringer right through to Head stockman- working on Canobie, Wondoola and Dalgonally over a period of 9 years. During this time, Clint went through one of the very first Grad program, referred to as a Cadetship back in the day…. in which time he completed his fixed wing pilot’s license, and flew the plane at Brunette Downs. He then ventured out, running a successful contract mustering business for ten years, before managing several properties for Stanbroke over a 13 year period, in which time he was involved in extensive livestock management and infrastructure development programs. Clint is passionate about using infrastructure development and interactive mapping systems to create cost effective and efficient Beef Production within the North Australian Beef Industry and revels in sharing and developing knowledge and skills in young people. He is very active in supporting local community events and encourages those around him to follow suit.